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1.1 poonch principality
1.2 british empire
1.3 mendhar , freedom movement of kashmir
1.4 partition of state , after


as per history of india r.k mukherji , 2500 years of budhism p.v bhapat 1 greek governor menander (known in indian pali sources milinda (165 bc-130 bc) ruler of punjab. mendhar included western foothills of pirpanchal formed part of kingdom. menander governor of greek empire had revolted , declared himself independent ruler. since entire population of menander s kingdom believers of buddhism, hence, interest in faith became natural. he, however, had many questions in mind buddhism. interacted number of buddhist scholars , monks seeking clarifications concerns regarding faith none convincingly respond queries, malinda panha. in process happened meet buddhist monk name nagasena believed have answered questions. @ end of discussion menander became disciple of nagasena.

mr. koul in book buddhism in kashmir writes discussion between nagasena , menander held in southern side of kashmir valley 20 yojans valley. p. v. bapat writes menander had built monastery in memory of discussion nagasena , named menander vihara.

the famous book on buddhism malinda panha written king menandra refers intimate knowledge of kashmir , surrounding areas. jyotisher pathic, renowned writer of jammu writes in 1 of articles published in sheraza urdu discussion between nagasena , menandra held present mendhar valley of poonch. believed discussion between king menandera , monk took place @ sakhi maidan, @ site 3 km north of mendhar town, however, account supported local legend narrates meeting between menander , nagasena had held @ chhatral, place 10 km town. legend further narrates memorial later erect king @ chhatral known dherra still stands high bearing testimony historic event. architecture of structure indo-greek in style , unique in look. believed subsequent it, king menander constructed monastery menandra vihara @ sakhi maidan served buddhist center of learning long time follow. both these monuments have indistinguishable architectural similarities tell tales of thousands of years of rich history of place. plausibly believed place named menander vihara passage of time came known menander or mendhar.

poonch principality

in 850 ad, when poonch principality established nara, mendhar part of principality. principality remained intact 1452 ad when sultan zain-ul-abdin captured outer hills of pir panjal region , established new outer hill state poonch-nowshera under name of bhaya desa vinah. mendhar became part of new principality. in 1596 ad, newly converted muslim saraj-ud-din rathore became raja of poonch principality order of emperor akbar. mendhar area came under control. 1596 1819 ad, poonch remained principality of rathore rajas , sangu gujjar rajas , mendhar part of principality.

british empire

in 1852 ad, maharaja gulab singh of jammu , kashmir nominated nephew mian moti singh raja of poonch. moti singh came poonch , established new principality. mendhar valley became part of principality along thakiala prava area of kotli. c. e. bates writes in book gazetteer of kashmir in 1872 ad, mendhar township , known dharamsal hundred houses on left bank of mendhri stream having mixed population. in 1905 ad, captain r. e. a. hamilton completed first settlement of poonch. on administrative grounds, divided principality 4 tehsils , mendhar became largest tehsil of principality. large grain producer in poonch 1947.

mendhar , freedom movement of kashmir

in wake of incident of 13 july 1931 ad in kashmir, uprising started in poonch area in mendhar tehsil several lambardars objected raja s insistence on muslim s participation in hunting expeditions herding animals including pigs convenience. stopped submission of weekly mail/information bags court of raja, took revolt. on 2 january 1932, people of thakiala prava of , other parts of mendhar revolted against state government , marched towards poonch under leadership of sardar khan muhammad khan, sardar fateh mohammed khan, sardar diwan ali khan , sardar sakhi walayat khan of narol. raja jagat dev singh of poonch, of muslim suddans of tehsil plandri succeeded in quelling revolt movement of kashmir had given birth strong political leadership in mendhar headed sardar fateh muhammad khan karelvi. sardar mohammed sher khan, teacher in government high school poonch developed animosity raja , joined hands allah rakha sagar, sardar budh singh, allah rakha sagar , other muslim conference leaders of kashmir , took center-stage of freedom movement of poonch. however, poisoned death in amu, aligarh campus hostel police sargent pt. gauri dutt @ close aide of raja of poonch. (aqwam-e-pakistan ka encyclopedia p. 532 isbn 978-969-9396-00-7). in 1932 ad, on recommendations of glancy commission, 75-member legislative assembly had come existence under name of praja sabha. 3 seats allotted poonch principality. of them sardar khan muhammad khan, ch muhammad aslam azad , shair khan pathan name of active moment leaders, shair khan pathan had killed indian military while ch muhammad aslam azad succeed migrate native village malikpur golad kotli . sardar fateh mohammad khan karelvi of mendhar elected mla haveli-mendhar constituency. again elected praja sahba in 1937. (encyclopedia of castes of pakistan page 542. isbn 978-969-9396-00-7)

partition of state , after

during turmoil of 1947, mendhar tehsil captured rebel forces , pakistani army under command of lieutenant colonel rehmatulla, deserter of state forces. 2 thousand hindus , sikhs had become hostage rebel forces. in crucial time, sardar fateh mohammad khan karelvi played vital role , protected hundreds of hindu families , helped them migrate indian side.

in 1948 ad, operation link-up launched indian forces rajouri towards poonch under command of brigadier yadav nath singh. indian forces, after capturing important hill tops pir bardeshwar on 14 october , pir kaleva on 26th october in rajouri area, moved towards mendhar via manjakote. bhimber gali taken on over 8 november 1948. @ time mendhar town centre of rebel forces , pakistan army. indian forces continued advance via mendhar towards poonch.

on 20 november, pir topa, important feature in mendhar, captured. on 23 november, indian forces moved via jhakha gali, stormed mendhar town , captured it. in next few days important hill tops of khandar range balakote daruchian taken , mendhar tehsil liberated. presently, green valley of mendhar leads other areas of poonch in overall developmental scenario , political setup. before partition of state, mendhar represented in maharaja s praja prashid sardar fteh muhammed khan while after segregation of surankote assembly segment, mendhar elected sardar rafiq hussain khan (thrice) sardar nissar ahmed khan (twice) , javed ahmed rana (twice) mlas. former 2 served ministers in state cabinet. in upper house of state legislature mendhar has been represented chaudhary lal mohammed sabir (minister), chaudhary rahim dad, sardar mohammed akhlaq khan, murtaza ahmed khan , javed ahmed rana. mohammed rasheed qureshi served portion of six-year term pursuant court verdict resulting litigation between him , master tassadaq hussain of rajouri who, court held wrongly elected seat reserved poonch district.

the ceasefire line between india , pakistan runs next mendhar tehsil, continues witnesses exchange of fire between 2 armies.


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